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NSW Sr C Ice Hockey

Jan 18, 2014: HTMLGear Guestbook removed (it's no longer supported by Tripod). Also the video clips are not running on Windows Media Player. Try VLC Media Player. I forgot how good I looked scoring that goal! This is the first update to this site in almost two years - it was seven years the update before that ... time flies but an old Eagle (and Bear) never dies!

Follow this link to the NSWIHA site for the current club info, rosters, results and standings.

Canterbury Eagles Ice Hockey Club

Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club


The video clips from the 98/99 summer comp (Macquarie at Blacktown) are still here.

Daria gets clobbered 6-Feb-99.

Peter scores on his own rebound 6-Feb-99.

Kenton does some great back-checking 6-Feb-99.

Jerry scores his 9th of the season 6-Feb-99.

Thanks to Darren Fearey for providing the video clips.

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