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The 2001 Winter Senior C Comp is over - Penrith Panthers beat Canterbury Patriots in the Grand Final after some games organised at the last minute landed them in first place. See this link for the standings.

January 15 / 2002 - The 2002 Winter Senior C Comp is due to begin in March.

Find club contacts via Player Stats. The video clips from the 98/99 summer comp are still here. Note the link below to the official Sydney Bears club site.


Daria gets clobbered 6-2-99.

Peter scores on the rebound 6-2-99.

Kenton does some great back-checking 6-2-99.

Jerry scores his 9th of the season 6-2-99.

Thanks to Darren Fearey for providing the video clips.

Have a great winter of hockey in 2K2!

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